Friday, September 11, 2015

Elephant PULLS a stuck Mitsubishi Pajero OUT OF MUD

The Mitsubishi Pajero (Japanese) is a sport utility vehicle manufactured byMitsubishi. It was named after Leopardus pajeros, the Pampas cat, which is native to the Patagonia plateau region of southern Argentina. However alternative names have been used for many markets overseas. It is known as the Mitsubishi Montero(meaning "mountain hunter") in Spain, India, and the Americas (except Brazil).
Pajero in Latin American Spanish is a common term of abuse, usually translated as wanker or tosser. In the United Kingdom it is known as the Mitsubishi Shogun. In Japan, it was sold at a specific retail chain called Car Plaza. Discontinued in the United States in 2006, the vehicle continues to be sold in the rest of the world in its fourth-generation iteration.
Thanks to their success, the Pajero, Montero and Shogun names were also applied to other, mechanically unrelated models, such as the Pajero Mini kei car, the Pajero Junior and Pajero iO/Pinin mini SUVs, and the Mitsubishi Pajero/Montero/Shogun Sport. Main rivals are the Land Rover Discovery, Toyota Land Cruiser Prado SWB/LWB and Nissan Patrol Y61.